Local History

of Temple Bar Medical Centre

The medical centre is housed in a building with a listed facade that dates from the early nineteenth century. We know that in 1850 an engraver occupied it by the name of Robert Mahony and in more recent times it was an optician's shop and prior to that it was the business premises of a razor blade company. Another occupant, a Jewish jeweller by the name of Aaron Figatner, was even mentioned in the Sirens episode in James Joyce's Ulysses.

Drs Leonard and Mary Condren opened a small General Practice here in 2002, serving the growing numbers of residents and workers of the Temple Bar area and the Quays. In 2019 Dr Juliet Bressan acquired the practice. It has grown since to include 2 nurses and two doctors, offering a wide range of modern medical services.

Temple Bar is a wonderful traditional City Neighbourhood, with a resident population of 2500. The grand old Georgian houses and elegant 18th century buildings became homes to many emerging artists and small artisan businesses in the 1970s and 1980s and we have built our small GP practice on this artisan tradition.

One of our prime missions is to honour the roots of modern Temple Bar by giving back to the community of Artists who built this beautiful neighbourhood to become the popular stylish business and entertainment district that it is today. Our Art Exhibition for patients in the Surgery is an important part of our presence here in Dublins Cultural Quarter, and we continue to count many cultural professionals, artists, performers and artisans among our diverse Multicultural patient population today.