Video and Phone Consultations

We are now providing Telephone or Video Consultations for all of our patients. This helps you to stay in contact with your doctor while you stay at home.
Please phone us on 01 6707255 or email to book a Telephone or Video consultation now.

Video and Teleconsultation.  We will give you an appointment time for your Video or Telephone call.

The Doctor will phone/video-call you for your consultation.
Make sure to be in a private place to take your call.

We will email you prescriptions directly to your pharmacy.
We can post or email your Sick Certs to you directly.

Most of your health care can be provided via video or phone. But if you need to come to the surgery to see the doctor, we will book you in with plenty of time to see you safely.

If you have any respiratory symptoms, its best to have a telephone consultation first so the doctor can advise you if you need testing for Covid 19. Please practice strict social distancing, hand hygiene and stay at home until you have received medical advice.

Worried about Covid 19?

HSE now wish to test everyone with any of the symptoms, so that Public Health can find all the new cases and test and trace their contacts. This is the best way to stop the disease.
If you have respiratory symptoms, please phone us on 01 6707255 or email us and we will ring you back.

You may need referral for Coronavirus testing if you have any of the following symptoms :

  • cough
  • fever
  • shortness of breath

If you have any symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath, please contact us and we will refer you immediately to the HSE.

We will phone you to assess your health and symptoms and we will book the testing for you directly with the HSE. There is no fee for the Covid 19 swab test.

HSE will contact you directly with an appointment for your test.

While you are waiting for HSE stay indoors, self-isolate, contact friends to let them know you are ill. Make a list of all the contacts you have had during the past 48 hours before your symptoms. This is to help the HSE to test and trace your contacts.

While you are ill, we will follow up with regular teleconsult phone calls. We will text your results to you if you are negative. We will phone you if your results are positive.

If you are distressed or having difficulty breathing, let us know, as this may be a sign of serious illness. We can arrange urgent examination at a Covid 19 Hub or a Hospital. 

Further Information regarding the Coronavirus is available at:

Updates on the Coronavirus in Ireland can be found on the link below: