Opening Hours

We are open every day Monday to Friday during office hours

Opening hours are 9am-5pm

Our first appointment is 9.15am and our last is 4.45pm.

We see all our patients by appointment only. During the Covid-19 Pandemic you must have an appointment to attend. There are two doctors and a nurse on duty every day. If you don't have an appointment and you need to be seen urgently, please phone or email first, to protect your safety we advise not to come to the surgery unless you have already spoken to the doctor.

We provide Tele-consultation ( video or phone) whenever possible. This is for your safety and convenience. Tele-consultation also a convenient way of consulting with your doctor when you are at busy or at home.

For out-of-hours service a 24 hour House Call service is available every day of the year. This service is only available to patients already registered with us as their GP. Please ring 8300244 if you need to book the doctor for house call service or for a doctor 's visit after hours.