We are providing Telephone or Video Consultations wherever possible now Some of our usual services will be postponed due to the Pandemic Covid 19

Personalized General Practice in the Heart of Dublin City.

  • General Practice, family medicine.
  • Contraception and Women’s Health, Smear testing, CervicalCheck and Private Smear
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Blood testing and Health Screen
  • Cryotherapy (freeze treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen)
  • Childhood vaccination
  • Ear Syringing (removal of wax)
  • Family planning and Pregnancy Care
  • Menopause care, hormone replacement treatment
  • Occupational Health : Comprehensive medical assessment for Pre-Employment, MedicalLegal assessment and Medical Insurance Assessment, Sick certificates
  • Travel Medicine and Vaccinations
  • LGBTQ+ health PREP
  • Crisis Pregnancy. HSE My Options