WHO approved
Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Temple Bar Medical Centre is a WHO approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. We provide the full range of vaccines that the international traveller might require. In order to assist the traveller in formulating a travel budget we list below the cost of the various vaccines that we administer.

We charge a fee of €60.00 for travel consultations plus an additional fee for each vaccine administered.

The following prices refer to single dose vaccines i.e. there is one dose of vaccine in the syringe:

  • Hepatitis A €45.00
  • Hepatitis B €35.00
  • Typhoid €35.00
  • Tetanus €20.00
  • Yellow Fever €50.00

The following prices refer to multi dose vaccines i.e. there are several vaccines present in the one syringe:

  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid €60.00
  • Hepatitis A and B €60.00
  • Tetanus, Polio and Dyptheria €40.00


If you were travelling to a region in South East Asia and required vaccination against Hepatitis A and Typhoid the cost would be as follows:

  • Consultation Fee €60.00
  • Hepatitis A and Typhoid (Combined) €60.00

Total Cost €120.00

Opening Hours

Temple Bar Medical Centre is open during office hours from Monday to Friday.

All consultations are by appointment. The Centre remains open throughout lunchtime since this is a popular time for appointments with the local workforce.

We do not operate a "walk-in" service since this can lead to significant delay if several people arrive together. We endeavour to provide an appointment within 24 hours of request.