Women's Health

Contraception and family planning / Women’s Health

  • We can provide insertion and removal of Copper IUD, and Mirena/Jaydess/Kyleena IUS (Progesterone IUD/Coil) Contraceptives (“the Coil”)
  • We can insert and remove Implanon ( the “Bar”)

Please book these appointments with us in advance and let us know which contraceptive device you are considering at the time of booking. We will then give you the prescription to collect your Contraceptive from the Chemist before we insert it for you.

Costs for Long Acting Contraceptives

  • We can insert Implanon on the same day as your initial consultation if required.
  • Cost 120 euros for Implanon insertion on the day.


  • Removal of Implanon – please when you are booking let us know you need Implanon removed as we like to give a longer time for your procedure.
  • Cost for Removal of Implanon 150 Euros.

IUD/ Coil - we insert Mirena Coil, Copper Coil, Jaydess, and Kyleena

  • Assessment - For insertion of IUD/Mirena/Coil please book for an assessment first to decide on the best IUD/coil for you and to plan the insertion date for your Coil. Costs 60 euros and includes Pelvic Exam, Swab tests for infection, pregnancy test and smear if required, and prescription for the IUD/coil.
  • Insertion - The cost for the actual insertion is 160, excluding device.

Once we have examined you and you have bought your Contraceptive from the chemist, we can then insert it for you as soon as you are ready.

Emergency Copper Coil/ IUD
If you require emergency contraception as a Copper Coil/IUD, we can insert this for you if required. Cost is 150 Euros on the day – please let us know if you need this when you are booking so that we can make a longer appointment for you.
Crisis Pregnancy Care – Please consult with My Options first, before booking with us for crisis pregnancy care. All fees for crisis pregnancy care are covered if you have a Valid PPS number.